Utilities Department

About the Department
The Fox Lake Utilities is recognized as a publicly owned utility that started with a few city blocks of water and sewer main and a small standpipe water tower. From then to now the utilities has grown to over 12.9 miles each of 6 to 10 inch water and sewer mains, varying in material from ductile iron to plastic pipe. Approximately 1500 residents are served through 750 water and sewer connections. The construction of a 250,000-gallon pedestal water tower in 1992 and the relaying of 60% of the water mains have allowed the utility to continue to provide excellent quality drinking water and more than adequate fire protection for the residents of Fox Lake.

Department Employees
Fox Lake Utilities employs 2 full time employees and 1 seasonal employee. Both full time employees are state certified in groundwater and distribution with grade 1 applications. In-house and state certified lab testing of the drinking water assure safe and acceptable limits are met each day.


Wastewater generated by the City is piped 3.5 miles to an aerated lagoon system by a series of 5 lift stations. The aerated lagoon system is operated by the Wastewater Control Commission and jointly owned by the City of Fox Lake and the Inland Lakes Sewer District.
A pump station that is associated with the City of Fox Lake Utilities Department.
A watertower illuminated by moonlight

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