Pre-Trial Procedures

City of Fox Lake Citations and Village of Brownsville Citations:
After your plea of not guilty is entered, a Pre-Trial Conference will be scheduled with the City Attorney at a later date.  These appointments will be set by the City Attorney and conducted here, at the Municipal Court.  At this meeting you will explain to the City Attorney why you believe you are not guilty of the offense you have been charge with.  At this point the City Attorney may petition the court to amend the charges to a more fitting offense, dismiss the charges or set the matter for a trial before the Judge.  
These Pre-Trial Conferences are mandatory.  If you do not attend the conference as scheduled you will be found guilty of the offense as charged on your citation.

Any agreement made between the defendant and the City Attorney must meet the approval of the Judge.  If the Judge disapproves the agreement, the matter will be set for a Trial before the court.