City Clerk

About the City Clerk
The City Clerk performs a variety of highly responsible organizational administrative financial and record maintenance. The Clerk is responsible for attending all meetings of the Common Council and other various Boards and Commissions to maintain an official record of the proceedings. The Clerk is also responsible for providing fiscal and other services affecting all City agencies. The position of Clerk consists of many tasks, which are statutorily defined.

Primary services provided:
  • Administering and conducting elections
  • Serving as legal custodian of public records for Committees, Commissions, and Boards
  • Issuing licenses of different varieties
  • Assist the City Assessor in maintaining property assessment records
  • Make property tax settlements with the county treasurer and turn over to school district and other taxing units their proportionate share of property tax collections
  • Issuing meeting notices and minutes for a variety of City Council, Commissions, Committees and Boards
  • Managing sewer and water utility billing
  • Preparation of employee payroll
  • Maintain all records regarding the city cemetery including; deeds, perpetual care certificates, staking out grave sites

Common Council Agendas & Minutes
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