Boat Launch Information and Location


The City of Fox Lake has one public boat launch in Clausen Park, located on the north end of the City of Fox Lake.  Please note:  Passes are good for Clausen Park boat launch only. 

Launching Fees

There is a $5 daily fee per craft.  Launching fees must be paid at all times - during open water, weekends, or weekday / all-year round.  Receipt envelopes available at park or season pass affixed to windshield to show notice of payment are required.  Failure to comply with payment will result in a citation.

Launch fees are required only if you will be using the launch to physically launch your trailered watercraft.  If your watercraft is not trailered, and you are carrying the equipment into the water, such as you would do with a kayak or stand-up paddle board, then you do not need to pay a launching fee.

Season Passes are:

For those who will be launching watercraft often; season passes are available.  Payment can be made with cash or checks; credit cards are not accepted.  Passes can be purchase in person at City Hall in the City of Fox Lake or by filling out the envelope at Clausen Park and a season pass will be mailed to you.

       Season Pass Fees:

       City of Fox residents - $5.00

       Non-resident - $40.00


There is no power loading when launching or loading of personal watercraft at the boat launch.