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Chapter 1

Zoning Code Index

Article A1: Introduction

Article B1: General Provisions

Article C1: Zoning Districts

Article D1: Conditional Uses

Article E1: Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots

Article F1: Traffic Visibility, Loading, Parking and Access

Article G1: Signs, Canopies, Awnings and Billboards

Article H1: Performance Standards--Industrial Developments

Article I: Signal Receiving Antennas; Wind Energy Systems

Article J: Accessory Uses and Structures; Fences and Hedges

Article K: Mobile Homes

Article L1: Administration

Article M: Changes and Amendments to the Zoning Code

Article N: Appeals

Article O1: Definitions

rticle J: Accessory Uses and Structures; Fences and Hedges

Chapter 2

Floodplain and Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

Article A2: Introduction

Article B2: General Provisions

Article C2: Shore land-Wetland Zoning

Article D2: General Provisions for all Floodplains

Article E2: Floodway District (FW)

Article F2: Flood Fringe District (FF)

Article G2: General Floodplain District (GFP)

Article H2: Nonconforming Uses

Article I2: Administration

Article J2: Amendments

Article K: Enforcement and Penalties

Article L: Definitions

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